08 May 2007

Blogiversary: Moments of Wisdom

Today is my Blogiversary!
  • We began with little fanfare in my would-be homeland, discussing the time out chair of British politics.
  • Less than two months into the game, we took 5 weeks off, in an effort to save the planet and go on vacation.
  • Nothing at all of note happened for a long time.
  • In January, I grew tired of Election 2008, and it had only begun.
  • In March, express noted that apparently the Wall Street Journal agrees with me on how governance changes are seriously needed at the Smithsonian, but just like at AU (a school I dearly depart in 5 days), they probably won't happen.
  • Also in March, I told you all how to go get shot up in Iraq. DCBlogs thought this information was worth sharing with you.
  • In April, I tried to make a funny. Somebody got pissed off at me. I shot them down. This amuses me greatly. Woe be unto idiot commenters.
  • Finally, just last week, I whored myself out to the world. :)
So there you have it kids. This blog has been a waste of your time and mine for at least 365 days. Four more wars!!! Er... years...

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