02 June 2006

obligatory panda post by yet another DC resident

This past Monday, the boy and I made the obligatory pilgrimage to the National Zoo (which happens to be in my backyard) to see the one and only Butterstick, aka Tai Shan, aka the world's cutest panda cub.

However, Butterstick was napping under a log, and all you could see was his backside. His parents were out though, and were precious in their own right. Due to the extreme heat that day, both were in search of shade. Here are photos:

Butterstick's daddy (who lives in a separate abode)

Butterstick's mom (after having practiced for World Cup soccer in her pool)

And finally, some Butterstick butt (the fuzzy thing in the middle)

I hope you enjoyed the cuteness as much as I did. :)


Matt said...

I think Panda's are fabulous.

laura said...

ack!!! and you know how sad it is that i'm jealous...