15 June 2006

Being jobless + summertime news slump = very little blogging

That's right folks. It's slow news season in DC.

On the Africa front, the only hugely noteworthy developments are that the Islamic Courts that took over Mogadishu want everyone to believe they're non-terrorist nice guys. Also, Nigeria and Cameroon have resolved their border dispute! That only took... well, it took more years than I have fingers. Finally, Darfur is still miserable, and Sudan still isn't keen on a UN peacekeeping mission there.

But hey, the UN is gonna shut down at the end of the month anyway. Even though people in both parties and a whole bunch of big NGOs think the U.S. position on UN reform is, well, pretty much a secret to everyone but John Bolton. Uncle Kofi is now begging for money... and, sanity.

On a lighter note, the Post's Reliable Source has reported on a three year old boy who had a Jim Lehrer themed birthday party. Should the parents ever decide they don't want this kid, I'll adopt.

Now, back to job hunting and preparing for Ghana.

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