17 July 2007

The Official List of People George Bush Hates

So I was reading this weekend about how our beloved president wants to veto the renewal of the children's insurance program, because it doesn't cut enough taxes or some shit. This made me realize that George W. Bush, President of the United States of Dumb Shits Who Voted For Him Twice and the Victims of those Dumb Shits, hates babies. Especially poor ones.

I thought everybody loved babies. Even people like me who can't stand kids love babies.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to just tick off in my head who else George Bush hates. I've basically come to the conclusion that his goal is to get approval ratings into the single digits (at least). Anyway, here's my list. Feel free to make additions.
  1. Children (see above)
  2. People of color (see the results of his appointments to the Supreme Court, among other things)
  3. Women (ditto)
  4. Old people (turning Social Security into private accounts, adding labyrinthine prescription drug measures to Medicare)
  5. Persons who live in low-lying areas susceptible to hurricanes (Katrina; see also #2)
  6. Congress (ok, so we all do... still)
  7. Poor people (tax cuts for the wealthy! death in a quagmire for your kids!)
  8. The middle class (you got $300, while your boss got a yacht)
  9. Deer, antelope, and the places where they play (ANWR)
  10. The Constitution of the United States (Guantanamo, "domestic surveillance")
  11. The Queers (see the entirety of 2004)
  12. The uninsured (very similar to #7)
  13. Radical, gun-toting border vigilantes that make up his political base (see immigration reform)
  14. Baptists (he's a Methodist, kind of a given)
  15. College students (see ass raper student loan companies running amok)
  16. Americans (see #10)
So there you have it folks. I feel better having gotten that out of my system.

Oh, and PSA for all the manly patriots who will inevitably read this and leave a bitchy, unedited, and largely nonsensical comment: I'm liberal, I'm smug, and I don't like to lose.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

11 The Queers

Wait just a second. You mean Dubya hates my favorite punk rock band? I was barely putting up with him but if he don't like The Queers (I mean listen to their song "Monkey In A Suit" about Dubya) then it's on between him and me.

PS - If you delete this I'll go tell everyone at SD that you really weren't gay, just bitchy! lol