21 February 2007

There's hope for my home town!

This afternoon, our beloved President visited Chattanooga to speechify about his plan to give poor people health care by cutting the taxes they're already too poor to have to pay. I don't know what all he said yet, but I do know that a daring gang of lefties in Chattavegas risked stoning and other forms of punishment that the city unleashes upon suspected liberals and protested across the street from the convention center where he was speaking.

As someone who spent a couple years peacefully counter-gay-bashing people on the Scenic City's streets by making out with men across from street preachers, I wholly condone today's act, and am really pleased to see greater left wing activism in that area.

The organizers of today's event claimed that they didn't expect their presence to change policy on health care or on the war in Iraq. Rather, they wanted to demonstrate that Tennessee can't be taken for granted as solid Bush territory. According to the Tennessee Independent Media Center, over 100 Tennesseans have died in the Iraq war. Additionally, there are over 800,000 uninsured residents in the sate.

For pictures, click here. Stay tuned for additional coverage of this incredibly pleasing event.

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