22 February 2007

More on the recent but brief growth of Shrubbery in Tennessee

Sometimes the world is just a little bizarre. President Bush's main event yesterday, after scaring the elderly and infirm at a local hospital, was to engage in a roundtable discussion on health care with Governor Phil Bredeson, who is, at last check, a Democrat. However, Bredeson also notes that he's unconvinced about changing the tax code and is especially unenthusiastic about the potential cuts to federal reimbursements for charity care. Additionally, the Community Research Council in Chattanooga has reported that few local residents would actually benefit from the Bush plan.

Meanwhile, outside the convention center, there was a group of Bush supporters and a smaller group of protesters, as I mentioned previously. While the supporters were allowed to stand outside the convention center, the detractors were sent to another side of the building. Apparently free speech zones are now limited to particular types of free speech. Tennessee Guerrilla Women have a few other tidbits about the protest.

A full rundown of the day's events is here. Some slightly better coverage, including links to video and audio, are available via the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The video is especially funny. All photos of the visit, though, seem to be especially obsessed with Air Force One. Probably because most people are surprised that such a big plane could land at such a little airport without running over a few houses along the way.

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