22 January 2007

Blog for choice day

Today is the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and as such is also Blog for Choice day. Our rubric is quite simple: why am I pro-choice?

My answer is pretty simple too. I'm biologically male, and will never be in the position to make such a choice. Thus who am I to say that it is right or wrong to choose to continue a pregnancy or abort it? Because it's a decision I'll never have to make, I think that I should respect the rights of female-bodied persons to make whatever decision they feel is appropriate to their needs and circumstances. Given that most of our judges and lawmakers are also male, I feel that they too should step back because they have way of ever fully understanding the gravity of such a decision. And that's why I'm pro-choice. Not my body, not my decision, and I'll never be able to relate anyhow.

In a country where we hold ideals of self-determination and individual freedom so dear, it seems incredibly inappropriate anytime government officials attempt to curtail individual rights. These rights have been upheld in the Constitution, and our lawmakers have a duty to protect those rights, even if they find their exercise to be unpalatable or even immoral. This is one of the very basic founding principles of the nation.

I would also like to take this brief moment to give a shout to Tennessee Guerrilla Women, who are bravely keeping up the good work back in my home state.

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