24 August 2006

Strategy failure: No War Left Behind

The Washington Post today revealed that the Bush administration was dismayed that this whole Iraq thing isn't working out. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that their victory plan bears a remarkable resemblance to their equally idiotic education plan.

"Bush advisers once believed that if they met certain benchmarks, such as building a constitutional democracy and training a new Iraqi army, the war would be won. Now they believe they have more or less met those goals, yet the war rages on."

That's right kids, once Iraq passed all its standardized tests, it theoretically should have been war free.

Because wars have always been won by meeting a set of benchmarks. Right.

Now, recall what I do for a living: study conflicts and how to sustainably resolve them. Mmhmm. Know how many lessons I've had on benchmarks? Zero.

And we, the moronic public, are supposed to comforted because even though there's been no progress on the Iraq front, "it could be worse."

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