18 May 2006

Let's make friends! Somalia edition

(Sidebar: what's with all the posts about non-West Africa?)

The news from the State Department just gets better and better. Today's revelation is that the United States is paying off Somali warlords in return for their help catching terr'ists. Ain't that a gem?

I first got wind of this in a UN report a month or so ago that said that at least one country was violating sanctions by paying warlords for this purpose, and figured it was the U.S. (see article above). But today it's official.

Now I realize that the whole Somalia thing is just one massive mess and that the "Somali government" is pretty much a joke. But please. How does paying guys that terrorize whole cities count as fighting terror? Is there some scale of terror we're working from here? As in "well, that low-life self-destructing scum bag isn't quite as nasty as the one that we're after, so let's work with him."

No, wait. I've figured it out. The actual anti-terror policy is to only go after those terrorists that target Americans. After all, the rest of the world's population is disposable.

Yeah. I should shut up and go to bed.

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