16 May 2006

Let's make friends! Libya edition

I am officially lodging my low level grumble towards the restoration of diplomatic ties with Libya. Specifically, my concern comes from removing Libya from the lists of states that sponsor terrorism. Now I don't know whether or not Libya has al Qaeda connections or anything else. But here's what I do know: Libya trained and financed the various rebel groups in West Africa during the 1990s, and was likely involved in the various Central African conflicts as well. The country also has a pretty pourous border with Sudan, especially northern Darfur, where there are known terrorist training camps.

That sounds like state sponsored terrorism to me.

All Libya has had to do to get normal relations is to renounce its WMD programme, pay off the PanAm flight survivors and open up to Western investment. That's right friends, Libya has lots of untapped oil.

Bush administration foreign policy can thus be described as follows: "To hell with democracy. Terrorism only bothers us in Iraq. Now, where's that black gold?"

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