18 July 2010

Sunday news: here's your sign edition

Ah, Sunday, that joyous day when we celebrate all that is special to us.  When we relax in a hammock sipping lemonade.  When the air temperature is hot enough to melt the skin off a tomato.  Here's how we shall mark this splendid occasion.  
  • Health insurance companies:  the root of all that is evil.  And I should know, my mother works for one.
  • Oil companies:  the back-up plan for the root of all that is evil.  Are we noticing the #capitalismfail yet?
  • The U.S. Senate:  where evil goes to lay its eggs.  And, ya know, starve people in the name of grandstanding.
  • The United States continues to pretend that the government of Somalia exists in some meaningful way, and that poorly trained and equipped peacekeepers can help this imaginary government.  Meanwhile, people suffer.  Perhaps it's time to end the ruse, no?
  • DC was struck by a minor earthquake on Friday, and will continue to write news articles about it for at least two weeks.  Panic?  What panic?
  • And, finally, Hillary Clinton:  "the godmother of 21st-century statecraft."  Orly?
 There you have it, kids. 

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