28 February 2010

Sunday news: not a lot happened edition

It's Sunday morning!  A glorious time when all red-blooded Amer'kins sit around and read their local rag(s), immediately before or just after returning from their massively hypocritical suburban megachurch.  Looks like I do it too, just without the church bit (listen, I make it to a Friends meeting about once a year...).  

Anyway, aside from the latest greatest earthquake (hope everyone you know is ok!), it doesn't look like there's a lot going on this week.  Here's a recap:
  • Absolute tenure corrupts absolutely, but maybe it makes for decent art?  (Seriously, how is that article so long?)
  • There's trouble on Mt. Olympus, as the gods may well be idiots.
  • Nurses:  Is your home entirely surrounded by two feet of snow and you can't for the life of you figure out how to get to work?  Well, fine, be inconsiderate like that, and WHC (across the street from your humble blogger) will fire your ass
  • I still contend that belated justice is better than none at all. 
  • A curious (to put it mildly) development in historic preservation.
  • Time to make another trip to the National Gallery.
  • The U.S. Senate is still dysfunctional.
  • Race is still a major factor in southern politics.  Really?

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