20 June 2008

U.S. Africa policy quick takes

This is what happens when you do nothing for far too long.

This is the kind of thing we should be doing when things goes wrong (give that man a medal).

And this is what we end up doing because we lack sufficient credibility to do anything else.

I think that's all pretty self explanatory.

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Daniel said...

So... I, obviously, am in sympathy with your take on these issues. But I'm left with deep questions about what ought to be done - you know as well as I do the limitations of outside pressure, esp. on Sudan and Zimbabwe. I mean, in Sudan, I'd argue that part of the problem isn't that we did nothing but that we essentially backed a coalition between the government and Minawi (and the WaPo article makes it sound like the fight was ever about anything besides rival gangs of thugs trying to control resources and population).

Sorry. Maybe I'm just cranky today.