21 April 2007

I'm here, but distracted

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, kids. I'm busy finishing my final project so I can graduate and move onto a new life completely lacking in promise or fulfillment. :) This endeavor will take me a few more days to complete (at least in draft form).

In the meantime, there are two fun things in the world you should pay attention to:

First, we have the elections going on in Nigeria. Now if these go well, and aren't totally rigged, all will be good. If, however, these go badly, and are totally rigged, shit will probably go down. And that means lots of things, including higher gas prices for the American driving public. So far, so shaky.

Second, we have elections going on in France this weekend. It'll be curious to see who emerges for the second round of voting next month. The Post ably pointed out this morning how France continues to play a major role in the world, but how the French feel their nation is in steep decline.

Entertain yourself with these fun events. I'm gonna get back to frantically writing now. The woman riding a Segway up and down Harvard Street, though, is a distraction. I'll be back after Tuesday.

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Just to complete your report on the French presidential election currently being waged by two opposing ideologues:

Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal, the two top scorers in the 1st round of the French presidential election, 31.11% and 25.83% respectively, have 11 days to convince French voters to elect them president of the Republic.

A televised debate on 2nd May has been set between the protagonists. Negotiations between key men of the right-wing UMP and left-wing Socialist Party are underway to outline the debate's 'rules of engagement'.

The runoff election is on 6th May.

I do believe that Nicolas Sarkozy will succeed President Jacques Chirac.