18 July 2006

Guest Administrator

What a weird job they've given me. I'm basically filling in for the deputy director, who has pretty much been fired (I'm clueless as to why). Some things run fine. I like getting to know all the projects and being able to make suggestions at my leisure. But somethings at the office need streamlining. For instance, Emmanuel told me to tell the secretary to tell the project managers to submit to me their budgets for next month. All of this was in writing too. I don't really see why I can't just tell the project managers myself. We also had an "emergency" staff meeting this morning to deal with some ridiculous issue that basically boiled down to gossip that got out of hand. I told them to leave their personal beef at the door. It sounded cold and it was certainly a Western approach. I should probably be more tactful in the future, but things still seem ok.

In other news, I wrote a proposal to re-start the tribal leaders forum, beginning with an appreciative inquiry workshop that will allow the leaders to craft their own plan/role in the reconciliation process. The proposal has been accepted and the workshop is currently set to occur next weekend (my last on camp). Also, people from the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Centre have agreed to meet with us next week. :)

Hard to believe that I'm already at the halfway point. Looks like a very busy two weeks ahead.

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